How to Join this Church:

Are you interested in becoming a member at A.M.E. Union Church? If you wish to become a member, you may do so in one of a few ways:

  1. Attend worship service. During the worship service, after the minister has concluded preaching, an invitation to respond to the sermon will be made. This is the opportunity you may walk down the aisle and tell the minister you wish to become a member. The Minister will get you connected.
  2. Reach out to any member of the ministerial staff or Board of Stewards. Simply share with any of these individuals you desire to become a member and they will get you connected.
  3. Are you a virtual visitor? If so, email us at Upon receipt of your email, we will get you connected.

  4. Persons, who are serious about becoming members, commit to participating in Union’s New Member’s Institute. This institute is designed to familiarize new members with the joys of membership at Union. New members Institute consists of several sessions. Upon completion, you will be received as a member in good and regular standing.

    We pray you choose to become a member!